Chef Salvatore Girgenti

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Graduated from the I.I.S.S. “Michele De Nora” Hotelier from Altamura in 2011. The passion for the world of catering occurs at the tender age of 15, under the guidance of chef Angiolino Lopedota until the age of 18. His experience in England continues. On his return, the start-up of the Murà farmhouse awaits him and he remains there for two years. Later he decides to venture into new realities both in Italy and abroad. Some of the various most important work experiences:

  • Artizen ristopub (Chef Angiolino Lopedota)
  • Azzurro Restaurant (Portsmouth UK) Murà farmhouse (Altamura) T
  • agide Restaurant (Lisbon)
  • Calvi Restaurant (Altamura)
  • Dimora Ulmo Restaurant (Matera)
  • Masseria Fontane di Vite (Matera)

He is currently in charge of the kitchen of Agriturismo Murà.