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Bring your land on the table

Being a guardian chef has different meanings, first and foremost, that of enhancing our territory and our cuisine, bearing witness to the goodness and quality of the Lentil of Altamura PGI.

The contest was created to share the promotion of peasant culture and the great profession of the cook, able to let its customers experience the thrill of tasting a small, large legume that lends itself well to being used in all courses. From appetizers to desserts, proposed in a classic way or revisited in a modern preparation style.

Offer your professionalism and creativity. Help us to create opportunities for our wonderful land. There are 19 municipalities in Puglia and Basilicata where it is possible to grow Lentil from Altamura PGI.

Altamura, Andria, Banzi, Cassano delle Murge, Corato, Forenza, Genzano di
Lucania, Gravina in Puglia, Irsina, Matera, Minervino Murge, Montemilone,
Palazzo San Gervasio, Poggiorsini, Ruvo di Puglia, Santeramo in Colle, Spinazzola, Tolve, Tricarico.

The Protection and Enhancement Consortium undertakes to:

1 – Capture your dishes with professional photo shoots in your restaurant;

2 – Enhance your unique recipes. Make you a protagonist as a testimonial on social media channels and on the website, increasingly followed and appreciated in the food sector.

3 – Send you the “Cuochi Custodi – Lenticchia di Altamura P.G.I.” window sticker that you can put on the entrance of your room.

4 – Invite you to participate to the exclusive show cooking and moments of updating organized for the chefs of the circuit;

5 – Make you available unique products in terms of quality and goodness;

6 – Insert your recipe in a recipe book.

Every year the Consortium for the Protection and Enhancement of the Lentil of Altamura PGI organizes a competition for its own guardian cooks. The jury is made up of Food Professionals including a starred chef and a famous food blogger to reward the best recipes with the Lentil of Altamura P.G.I.

Do you want to become a guardian chef? Follow the instructions:

1 – In your menu there must be at least one course that has, also as a non-primary ingredient, the Lentil of Altamura PGI. The dish, in its name, in its description or among its ingredients, must compulsorily bear the words “Lentil of Altamura P.G.I.”;

2 2- Send the following information to the e-mail address: or fill out the form below:

a) a photo of your menu in which can you read the dish based on the Lentil of Altamura PGI,

b) your picture in high resolution,

c) a small presentation of your chef career (see example)

d) your recipe in the following way: RECIPES (ingredients, preparation and composition of the dish)

Ours is a project in continuous evolution and YOUR participation represents an added value. We would like to receive advice, ideas on how to improve, grow and always set up new collaborations and initiatives.

We are there, we believe in it and we want to do it better and better. AND YOU?

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