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The consortium

Protection and enhancement of the Lentil of Altamura P.G.I.

The small big Lentil of Altamura became P.G.I. thanks to the work and collaboration of the main actors of territory where it is generated and grows, that’s to say the farmers.

But alongside them, the companies of this sector, the wholesalers, the packers and the interested public bodies work. Together they become the Association for the Protection and Enhancement of the Lentil of Altamura P.G.I. and then it’s Consortium, to protect the peculiarity of their lentils and to make an authentic and healthy legume.

Together they guarantee that the production of the Lentil of Altamura P.G.I. meets the quality requirements established in the Production Regulations, together they enhance and introduce this small legume in Italy and in the world, together they protect an ancient and genuine food. Like their homeland.


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